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Deepika Padukone to race in 'Fast & Furious 7'?

Bollywood hottie Deepika Padukone is reportedly set to star in the 7th edition of

2013-09-05 00:05:01
Kim Kardashian, Kanye West name their baby North West!

Kim Kardashian is always in news for some or the other reason. Recently, Reality

2013-06-23 12:00:20
Kamasutra 3D takes Sherlyn Chopra to Cannes!

Yes, this is true that Sherlyn Chopra, the Playboy girl, is going to Cannes way,

2013-04-26 11:27:20
What’s Priyanka Chopra doing with Pitbull?

Wondering what’s Priyanka Chopra doing with Pitbull! Currently, Priyanka is

2013-04-07 02:17:02
All nude for 22 hrs! Oh Sherlyn

The sexy bombshell had made it a point to be in the centre of attraction yet agai

2013-03-14 00:18:09
Kamasutra 3D: In-Out-In, Sherlyn back in game again

 In-Out-In; the game which was left in between begins again? Yes, it is repo

2013-02-26 10:40:59
Naughty Sherlyn Chopra sees her way out of Kamasutra 3D

  Seems like all of Sherlyn Chopra’s bare acts for Kamasutra 3D have

2013-02-06 04:31:02
Sherlyn Chopra’s Wild Acts In Kamasutra 3D Go Viral On Youtube

It seems like going nude is just a cakewalk for Miss Sherlyn Chopra. Yes! She has

2013-01-20 13:58:33
Salim Kumar In Rupesh Paul's Kamasutra 3D

  National Award winner Salim Kumar has committed in Rupesh Paul's upcomin

2013-01-20 13:31:01
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