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Optimus GPro, A mammoth in hand: Review

First things first, I am a Galaxy Note 2 user and was waiting to get my hands on the similar sized Optimus GPro. I had my eyes on the device since the day it was announced, back in February 2013. Since this phone had a similar screen size, ie 5.5inches, I was pretty much waiting for its launch. 

I got the black one for review today. At first glance, you feel that the phone is pretty big. But LG has made this phone as thin as they can and also lighter using plastic, which is not a surprise considering the weight issues due to the large 5.5inch screen. 
The first thing you notice is the beautiful 5.5inch full HD screen. It has excellent color reproduction and though the blacks aren’t as rich as those produced by the SuperAMOLED screen of the Note 2 , yet no one will complain as it is very hard to tell the difference unless you hold both the devices hand in hand. 
I could write a whole Mahabharata about how good the display is, but all I can say in a sentence is ‘you will fall in love with the screen at first sight’! Another point to be noted is that unlike other LG models, this one does have the ‘Auto Brightness’ mode in case you prefer to use the setting. I held both the devices ( Note 2 and GPro ) simultaneously and I can say that GPro has designed the phone pretty well as it has a better fit and is noticeably lighter than Note 2. 
Coming to the hardware department, this mammoth packs the Snapdragon S4 Pro 600 quadcore chipset clocked at 1.7GHz and Adreno 320 GPU. Should I say more? I hope the ‘Snap’dragon rings bells! Yeah, it’s the snappiest chipset in the industry today which is found in the other flagships ( Galaxy S4 , HTC One). 
2GB RAM is more than plenty. The 13MP snapper in the back captures images with pretty good depth and detail. But it’s not the best in its class when compared to other 8MP shooters. I didn’t have an opportunity to test the camera in low lighting conditions, so I do not wish to comment on that. But otherwise, LG has done a pretty good job with the camera. 
Coming to the software department, I would say LG has taken cues from its rival Galaxy Note2 and have stuffed plenty of software features inside. Multitasking is a breeze and LG has its own QSlide apps (Applications that can be opened in windows similar to the Multiwindow feature of Samsung) that helps multitasking to a great extend. 
The phone comes with JellyBean 4.1.2 out of the box which is a disappointment because 4.2.2 is already out and most of the flagships are already updated with it. Hope LG will update GPro to the latest version soon enough (LG has always been careless and slow about providing software updates). LG’s Optimus user interface is a bit difficult in getting used to but it’s not a negative.
Guys are you still reading this, or did you sleep? Wake Up. So in the end, this phone is everything the Note2 can provide but in an overall better package. You might ask whether you should dump your year old Note2 for this beast, that is the tricky part. It’s your choice. But I can say that this will be the biggest sensation at least till the Note3 is launched, or the next best thing.
Excellent display with 401ppi pixel density.
Snappy processor.
Good battery life with the 3140mAH battery.
Superb audio output from the stock headset. ( The best one I found yet ! )
Well build with the screen size in mind. 
Light and has a better hold than Note2.
LED Notification light around the home button.
The camera is not the best when compared to that of other flagship shooters.
The loudspeaker volume is on the lower side.
The glazy plastic bezel is prone to scratches and is a fingerprint magnet.
The home button is very small and narrow (Again subjective).
Posted by Edwin


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