Dignity is what you define, says the bold and beautiful Resangel

Resmi R Nair is an international model from India, She was  born in Pathanapuram, in Kollam district, Kerala and is married to Rahul pushpan and has a 3 year old k

Priyanka Chopra spotted with a diamond ring!

Wooo….what do we see… Priyanka Chopra with a big diamond ring in her middle finger. Now the question arises, who gave the ring? Now, many would be guessi

When Ajith was stopped by the cops

Tamil star Ajith is known for his racing skills which he's proven at many occasions. We could see him doing bike stunts in movies like Mankatha and many more.   L

Kerala style Karimeen (Pearl spot) fry - Recipe

Karimeen (Pearl Spotted fish) is a very tasty and sought after delicacy in Kerala. Karimeen fry is one of the favourite dishes among tourists visiting kerala. Here is the

Today's special: Celebrate International Female Orgasm Day

Today, August 8 is a special day for women. It’s International Female Orgasm day, the day is all about celebrating women’s right to reach the highest sexual c

These fruits will make you stay healthy all day

Apple   Eat apple with the skin for a high dose of fiber both soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber helps lower cholesterol and in soluble fibre keeps you regular.

Breast milk for sale in China

Everything is for sale in the modern world. Now reports from China shows that China’s super rich are spending thousands of dollars for human fresh milk, some even o

Recipe to 4 must have healthy drinks

Liquid intake is very important in our daily routine life. Apart from water, here are few healthy drinks which are good anytime and anywhere – Be it summer or winte