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How To Tackle Breakups

BREAK UP is a very common word which HAS A HUGE IMPACT ON ONE’S PERSONAL LIFE. As we all know it’s hard to be alone after being with someone so special for quite some time. The whole scenario gets changed after the breakup. One has to change his priorities under such circumstances. To tackle such situation is not like a cakewalk. The pressure of being alone should be handled in a very serious manner though it should not affect our mind set. Most of us has to face such a trauma one day or the other. So guys, be prepared for it!! Here, I am trying to suggest few things that one should follow to avoid breakups impact on our wellbeing. Even though struggle is inevitable, one has to take extra bit of effort to come out of that phase in life. It might sound stupid, in fact, it is all about your mind set. Getting back to normal life depends on how well you respond to that situation.
First and foremost thing to do is accept the breakup. Don’t ponder about your past. Control your emotions. The next stage is to cut all possible ways of contacting that person. Delete her number or probably change your contact number if possible, remove her from all your contact list, let it be the social networking site or from all possible chatting options. A small thought or call might just ruin your day. Thoughts about that particular person bring your entire mood down. The next step is to spend time for yourself. Do what you like. Be with your loved ones, socialize a lot! Try calling your friends more often than before. Express yourself, don’t hesitate to convey your feelings to your best friend. Listen to their suggestion they know you better than anyone else (at least much better than that particular female/male ). Do what you like the most. If you love reading get involved in it or spend some time to work out in the gym, this might help you o get a sound sleep. You never know you might end up finding a good female/male in the gym!!! Don’t go for a relationship immediately after a break up. A decision made with a good frame of mind will always be right. Don’t hunt for a relationship you should not end up in this chaos again. Never ever booze to overcome this problem, booze for yourself. Don’t let your spirits down by spending your whole day boozing, you still have much more to do. Try to organize parties with your close pals, engage in discussions other than this particular topic. Spend time on charity that will make you feel much better. Be a Philanthropist if you can. You neither have to think about those cherishing memories you had on your past relationship nor about the pain and struggle you had, this will make you much stronger than you actually think you are.
Break up is all about changing your priorities. End of the day, nothing is ever built to last. Make sure you have a goal to achieve and start working on it. And that one dream or goal is going to take you quite a long way! Consider your past relationship as a learning experience. You had enough of it.. Now it’s time for you to move on. Dream high and achieve it. Set a realistic goal and divert your focus onto that. You never know you could even make her/his jaws drop in your next meeting. Guys... it’s all about making them feel jealous.
Do what you like. All those restrictions you had once is gone forever, now you’re a free bird, breathe free!!!
Written by:  Vineeth Sadanandan Nair

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