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Valentine�s Day special; some interesting facts

February 14, every year, a special day of love, Valentine’s Day. It is the day to celebrate love, devotion and bonding between two lovers or spouses. The lovers will exchange their love through gifts, flowers or candies. Let’s see the history behind the day of love, Valentine’s Day.


The history can be drawn from two roots, both Christian and ancient Roman tradition. As per the Roman tradition, the holiday was originated from the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalis/Lupercalia, a fertility celebration celebrated on February 15. But the advancement of Christianity in Europe made many pagan holidays being renamed for and dedicated to the early martyrs. Lupercalia has no exception from the process of renaming. Pope Gelasius in 496 AD transformed Lupercalia into Christian feast day on February 14 to honor Saint Valentine, a Roman martyr who lived in 3rd century. In this way, it gave rise to modern Valentine’s Day. 


Let us see who is St. Valentine. Most of the historians believe that St Valentine was a priest who performed secret marriage ceremonies of soldiers against the ban of marriage by the Roman emperor, Claudius II. Claudius II had prohibited the marriage of young men claiming that bachelors made better soldiers. Later Claudius II discovered Valentine’s action and sentenced him to death. But while in the prison, Valentine fell in love with a young girl, a jailor’s daughter who visited him during his confinement. Before his death, it is said that he wrote a letter to her on which he signed - “from your valentine”. 
In 1969, the Catholic Church removed the feast of Saints whose historical origin was questionable, in the process of revising its liturgical calendar. St. Valentine was one of the casualties.
But in the Middle Ages, Valentines day become popular which is associated with love. By the 18th century, gift giving and exchanging became popular on Valentine’s Day. Whatever the history is, February 14 is considered as a day of love, devotion and bonding.
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to all our readers. 
Some interesting facts to remember on Valentine’s Day.

Orange - going to propose
Blue - applications welcomed
Green - waiting
White - double side
Black - not interested in love
Yellow - broke up
Red - already booked
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