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Are You A Businessman With These Must Have Qualities?

 Business as we all know is a profession. Professional is a term we generally associate with people who have the skill or flair for a particular task. In our day to day life, we come across this term at least a couple of times. We hardly think of being professional which demands a mind of quality.

Let it be a startup concern or a well established one, high degree of professionalism is required to advance further. A professional businessman should have many personal attributes in this highly competitive world to be right on the money to attract a new customer or retain your existing customer /clients.
Imagination is the key in any business right from the budding stage. Before hitting the market, you have to imagine that you will be the market leader. This will definitely enhance your confidence. Your confidence will be the driving force initially. So make sure you are confident enough to start your biz.
Once you start your business, it’s time to dedicate yourself into it. The more time you spend on your business, the easier it will be in the later stages. Be a saint and sacrifice your time for entertainment. Enjoy working for your dream.
The next step is effective time management. Divide a day into two. The 1st half for your business & the other half for your family because your family is an important part of your life. They can inspire you. At times they may ask questions too. Make sure you answer them in a diplomatic manner. Tell them this is your dream and you will reach there one day.
Stick on to the basic principles in life, ie honesty, hard work, ethics, morality, commitment towards the society etc. This attitude is essential in whatever you do. Make sure you keep an eye on your competitors. Don’t bother much about them. They might be strong, but remember, theirs was not an overnight growth; keep this in mind. You still have enough time to beat them.
Be innovative in small areas. Think how different can you be from others. There is something called beginners luck, but don’t rely on sheer luck which won’t take you any long. Initially you might find few helping hands but that too won’t last forever. So depend on your skills and try adding something to it. Work on things that you lack.
Follow your instincts or rather embrace them – let your senses guide you through the journey. Don’t listen much to the advices and opinion. Ultimately you are the one who is going to face all the consequences so depend on yourself for all the decisions you make.
This goes to all those who wish to start a business or who has already done it. Its your life so make it big!. Love your business in fact your business is your valentine. Love her to the core. Wish you all the best .Its feb 14th, Valentines day! Propose her & marry her (business).
Written by:  Vineeth Sadanandan Nair
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