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Deepika Padukone gets a unique gift on Valentines day

 The leggy lass, Deepika Padukone seems to have had a lovely Valentines day. The Race 2 girl received coconuts with heart-shaped chocolates inside the shell on V-Day. 

One of her fan or call it a secret admirer sent her these chocolates when she was shooting in Goa for an ad, and taken aback with surprise.
According to a leading daily along with coconut and heart shaped chocolates in it, she got a note which read: Here is some tender love and care for the only girl I am nuts about.
According to a source, it was said that since Deepika was busy with the shoot she just glanced at it and then asked the unit member to keep it aside. But every 60 minutes or so, she received a piece of tender coconut from a stranger and the person would disappear. It was later, after the shoot got over in the evening she noticed these tender coconuts.
I am extremely touched by this gesture from my fan. His idea was so unique! He definitely made my Valentine's Day very memorable," a leading daily stated as the actress as saying.
Now we are eager to know who the secret admirer was who made our dimpled gal so happy on the special day-Valentines day.
Posted by - Madhu Mishrra
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