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Is staying healthy expensive?

Seems incredulous but very true. Health is wealth but should our whole wealth be spent on health? It seems a big ‘yes’ these days. Being healthy is a vast subject in which fitness (both body and mind), food join hands with beauty. When it comes to health, the diet really matters.

 "Take care of your diet. Eat a lot of veggies and fruits and better go organic," a dietician recommends. What is this buzzword ‘organic’? Organic in food means the food that is not adulterated; the vegetables and fruits that are grown naturally without the use of pesticides.
Undoubtedly a healthier choice, but do I really have time to grow these at my backyard? Definitely No and my option would be the market. There is an exclusive section for organic foods in the market. The surprising fact is that these foods are almost double in prices than the ordinary ones. That might be the first time one will think how big my backyard is to grow veggies or can these veggies alone bring me good health? Why they are double in price? The answer for these is because they are fresh and pure.
So the usual ones really do harm your health! Are they not fresh and pure? No, ‘the market itself says’ by the pricing. So if I need to be healthy, I should pay double. Nothing is different in almost all the categories of foods available in the market. And the prices of heart healthy foods like oats, walnuts, olive oil are skyrocketing day by day as the demand for good hearts increase.
Going to the gym is another expensive lifestyle we have adapted in the name of good health. If you are in your forties and health conscious, you will definitely have at least a tread mill at home. Do we really need such expensive machines in our drawing room just for hanging towels when a brisk walk for half an hour really does the magic to your fitness?
It's quite surprising to see how much money a boy in his teens spends for body building. Visiting a gym at least once a week has become an inevitable part of our routine these days. No wonder people are running after expensive organic cosmetics. Beauty and health are certainly two sides of the same coin. When it comes to beauty products, the justifying statement is “if u buy, buy the best one.” And this best one is always associated with a high price. It is our part to choose the best. But bear in mind, "Are these expensive buys always the best?"
These are the evidences of expensive healthy life style we have adapted unknowingly. So staying healthy demands money and mind equally. But can a middle class man with a minimum income afford such lifestyles to make himself healthy? Definitely he might have started digging his backyard to live healthy.
Written by Tess


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