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Know what active sex can do to your fitness

Heavy work out sessions, tiring diet…fed up of doing it all to maintain your fitness?

Forget it all, says experts.

Experts say that sex exercise (regular sex) is better than all these hectic work outs to keep you slim and fit.

Sex and fitness are directly related, studies say. Fitness increases your sexual feelings.

Sex exercise increases blood flow. This make heart stronger. It also adjust cholesterol level, decreases bad cholesterol ( LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL).It’s also controls weight and gives good sleep, it works this way.

Moreover, sex makes women more attractive due to the release of estrogen.

Half an hour of sex exercise burns about 15-350 calories, depends on how active you are in bed.

Now get set to play it the exciting way to keep yourself fit and charming.

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