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Nothing Like Money!!! What Do You Think?

What matters the most in your life? A question that is extremely difficult to answer. The primary reason for this is that we people are not well aware of what we want. Take the case of a child, for most of them, it would be games or some sort of entertainment. For a teenager, it would be a fascinating relationship or a fun packed college life. For a bachelor it could be a job that would secure him for the rest of his life.

At the same time, In a family, they generally would look to acquire a sound financial situation whereby they could help their children to reach their dreams. All these cases are interconnected some way or the other. Let it be a child who wishes to buy a toy or a teenager dreaming of an eventful college life, what matters is nothing other than money!

Even relationships these days are valued in terms of money. It will be impossible for you to think of a day without having anything in your wallet. People are very busy these days and they don’t even find time for themselves. The focus would be on making money, in fact big time money! Our entire energy is diverted towards this. Just because our focus is on money, we don’t see the real beauty in our life. There are many other factors other than money that determine how successful you are in your life. Richness has got nothing to do with success.

It’s high time we do something; the focus has to be shifted from money to your passion. Be passionate on what you do. At the end of the day money can’t take you anywhere. It’s your passion that matters. Passion is going to fetch you a life filled with happiness & comfort. So we all should keep in mind that money can’t do any favor beyond a certain point. Chase your passion. Be happy and show the whole world that there is fun in living your dreams and living your passion.


Written by:  Vineeth Sadanandan Nair

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