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10-year-old girl arrested for allegedly raping 4-year-old boy

Houston, Aug 16: The mother of a 10-year-old girl, who was arrested by the Police accusing of raping a 4-year-old boy, said that the cops took it wrong without knowing the situation. The accused's mother said that she was just playing without knowing she was doing some thing wrong.

Police charged the girl with rape in the courtyard of complex. Houston Police confirmed the issue which was reported in April. A Juvenile Sex Crime investigator investigated the case and arrest was made last week.
The little girl said that both of them were crying while her mother took her to the police car. She was very frightened and was screaming. Later, Police took her to the juvenile justice complex and locked up in a cell.
She spent four days in the lock up before activist Quanell X stepped in to defend her and she was released. “This was nothing more than inappropriate horseplay. That’s what this was. That’s gone a little bit too far and criminalizing a 10-year-old child.” Quanell X said.
However, the truth remains unclear about the incident.
Posted by Shikha
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