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Edward Snowden seeks asylum in 20 countries including India: Wikileaks

Los Angeles, July 2: According to Wikileaks, Edward Snowden, the American whistle blower who has currently taken cover in the transit zone of Moscow airport, seeks a shelter in 20 countries including India. The asylum request has been filed by Sarah Harrison, legal adviser of Wikileaks and according to the website, first two requests were made to Ecuador and Iceland.

"On 30th June 2013 WikiLeaks' legal advisor in the Edward Snowden matter, Sarah Harrison, submitted by hand a number of requests for asylum and asylum assistance on behalf of Edward J Snowden," Wikileaks said in a statement. "The requests were delivered to an official at the Russian consulate at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow late in the evening," it said.
The asylum request has been also made to countries including Austria, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Cuba, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italian, Ireland, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Norway, Poland, Spain, Swiss Confederation and Venezuela.
Meanwhile, American government has warned countries not to give asylum to Snowden as he is wanted in America for spying and disclosing classified information. The US also said that Snowden would be given fair trial and all rights of a US citizen.
"We're prepared to issue one-entry travel documents. He's still a US citizen. He still enjoys the rights of his US citizenship, which include the right to a free and fair trial for the crimes he's been accused of," State Department spokesperson Patrick Ventrell told reporters.
"He (Snowden) enjoys the rights and responsibilities of any US citizen, including the right to a free and fair trial under our Constitution," he said adding that "He has a country to return to, which is the United States of America."
Edward Snowden, former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor had leaked US security secrets to the media. The document disclosed by him last month exposed large scale surveillance of phone and internet communication by NSA around the world.
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