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Narendra Modi is already the party's prime ministerial candidate: Shourie

New Delhi, August 28: Narendra Modi is already the party's prime ministerial candidate, former Union Minister and BJP leader Arun Shourie said. Speaking to TV channel, Shourie said that Country needs a decisive leader and Narendra Modi, Gujarat Chief Minister and BJP's campaign committee chief is one such person. 

Shourie slammed BJP leasers Sushma Swaraj and L K Advani calling them "stateless leaders from Delhi." He also dismissed any resistance to the rise of Modi within the party by these leaders.
"I will not speak about stateless leaders in Delhi.", he said when asked about Sushma Swaraj and L K Advani. Shourie also referred Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as "Modi's main election agent" who is responsible for the rise of Modi as a national leader.
"His (Modi's) main election agent is working... very strong person working for him," Shourie said. When asked is he referring to Amit Shah, Shourie said, "No, no, I am talking of Manmohan Singh... he is the main election agent of Narendra Modi today, kyunki jab ye kuch kaam hi nahi karte to log kehte hain Modi ko lao, Modi ko lao."
When asked to assess Manmohan's nine years as Prime Minister, Shourie said, "He has been a person who has squandered his own reputation and been completely irresponsible in regard to the nature of things the country required. Asked if he had lost respect for the PM, he said, "A good man who turns out to be a good for nothing man."
When asked whether Modi is scared by the minorities and could damage India’s communal harmony, he said, "There is communal harmony... In any case, the question really is if I keep shouting divisive, divisive, then everybody says see everybody is talking of him as divisive. The question is, at the moment what the country wants is not divisive but decisive leadership and he has certainly demonstrated that."
Shourie also praised Modi's work who united the party from grass root level. "I'm saying that Modi has united the party at the grassroots level as far as I can see... the workers and volunteers are all for him. I am sure that people in Delhi are also now reconciled to him," he added.
When asked about Modi’s leadership compared to that of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Shourie said, "that will depend on the situation in the country. I would presume that Narendra Modi will work for a minimum 230 seats with the BJP alone. And the way this government is going that is entirely possible."
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