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The Pazham Pori Song Strikes Back

                                  “ My lovee You’re my panchasara ..
                                    My lovee You’re my panchasara …
                                    Saw you in a Chaya Kada …
                                    Having pazham pori …
                                    My love You’re my panchasara …”
                                 Hmmm …  This song is apt for my story ..It all began there …A tea .. a snack ... Well for my story lets edit the lyrics … It was no “chaya kada” (tea stall) .. Rather it was the “Canteen” …
Life’s reels should be turned back to Saturday The 17th of November 2012 ..
The scene is the College Canteen... After a boring Saturday class and with 3 hours more to be done my stomach needed a good snack. Well I had something to satisfy just my hunger and went to wash .Returning back from there with icy water droplets all over my face cooling myself ,at first I thought the lights refracting into the bright 7 colors and entering my eyes .Damn physics was the first taut in mind ... well there at a distance of my hand  i saw a beautiful rainbow ... but with yellow color shining out..I couldn’t take my eyes of the rainbow ... and slowly while the cold water droplets dried off I saw through the mist the most beautiful eyes I could have imagined I saw in the college... Waiting in our Mech Den was the King of Anger .. Be late to his hour and u wish you where better off dead...but I didn’t want to leave the canteen ...I felt hands tugging at me .. and as I was pulled away with the air from the canteen fan which never worked quite often  I saw her hair fluttering and disturbing her eye contact ... well it was an extra ordinary moment ..Rather the first mesmerizing moment in the college..."Neha... Our batch daa….Look at her later da …come on now pumpkin head or else Mr.Anger might just not keep enough of you to see her again  " said my friends
             4 months of being in college and I never met her once until that day and then I had regrets of never going with the others on rounds to meet the “girls” and I realized I  fell for her the moment i saw her in her yellow and greenish top and bottom  with a “bindhi” or “pottu”  as in Malayalam, in between her beautiful eyes ... I can never put the beauty of  life in words ...Well to put her beauty is more than something I can ever doo ... Her beauty had my attention .”Neha ..Bio".. .and all I had in mind was " the beautiful things in the world still remain as hidden treasures and you might stumble upon one ... well prove your worth and earn it ..strive no matter what stands in the way " 
              It was a perfect and well planned robbery ...while she stole my heart in the very first sight ...i couldn’t manage to do it right back to her ... She was and is still a beauty ..dont bother asking whether it was her heart or her face that i liked ... “ if it was love at first sight u knw obv tat is was her face u dumbo” said my conscious .. well to counter the point all i had was “dude its tat i like her ... i havent fallen in love with her YET ...”
              And as days passed by ...her pride blooming face which bear no smile many a times became my morning dreams ... I could get to college to see her pass by ... have never passed close to her to know how awesome she smelled like the heroes do in movies ... would walk up and down the corridor to get one more glance of her ...but couldn’t never ever get enough of it ... I could spend hours talking to her yet to speak to her one word wasn’t possible … 
                    After all this its obvious the questions of what sort of love do you have ??? well the truth is i like the girl  “damn u its love “ my conscious strikes again..But I fear for her am I the super hero or not??
Well and as I keep saying to myself " the beautiful things in the world still remain as hidden treasures and you might stumble upon one ... well prove your worth and earn it ..strive no matter what stands in the way "   thus I begin my journey  to prove I am worth it and earn my treasure … Sweet Heart ...Get ready and keep your heart locked up for I am coming for it..Please don’t gift it to me for I want to earn it
Hehe ….Tharunegil Thannoo ..Njan Sukshichu kolam .. Pottikathe ..Poral Polum Elkathe …   
 " Give it to me .. and I shall keep it safe .. Without breaking it .... Not even let a scrath fall on it "  
                                “ My Love You’re my Thangakudam …                                                 
                                   My Love You’re my Thangakudam                                             
                                   Saw you in a Bakery kada…                                                 
                                   Having paal peda                                            
                                   I have only one thing to say                                
                                   I don’t what to say                                            
                                   I love you ….“
And for all that happened next read the next note... Hopefully I shall complete  … And if she doesn’t push me down into Davy Jones Locker .
* Thangakudam - Sweet heart
*Paal Peda nd Pazhampori - Sort of Indian delicacy 

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