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Best Diet Chart for PCOD

Health Tip fpr PCOD

PCOD (Polycystic Ovary Disease) is a condition of hormonal imbalance causing enlarged ovaries with cysts on the outer edge. This could be due to genetic or environmental factors or both. Hormonal imbalance usually results in infertility, acne, excessive hair growth or diabetes. PCOS (Polycystic Ovary syndrome) is an endocrine system disorder that affects female hormones. According to WHO 116 million women suffer from PCOD. The symptoms of this condition are excessive weight gain, irregular menstrual cycle and high cholesterol levels. This condition is affects 10% of the women between age group of 12-45 years considering the current lifestyle and various other external factors. However this condition can be cured by teaming various multi-disciplinary specialities like endocrinologist, dermatologist and gynaecologist. There are various pills and medications advised by the medical team to overcome this situation.

However this situation can be controlled to a great extent with proper Lifestyle Management System. It is important to have a proper diet that has balanced nutrients of protein, magnesium and carbohydrates.

Diet Chart:

  1. Avoid dairy based products like cheese, butter, milk etc and replace them with fruits and vegetables. Dairy products add to weight gain and increase insulin levels.
  2. Avoid artificial sugary liquids and food, hormones and other artificial flavours and preservatives. Go for more whole food, as they don’t have artificial flavours.
  3. Add more fiber based food to your daily diet as this enhances better digestion. It is important to have whole food with low glycemic index-made like brown rice, wheat pasta, brown rice poha. Avoid processed food completely.
  4. It is important to eat frequent meals in right quantity throughout the day and drink ample water and keep oneself hydrated.
  5. Natural herbs like meethi dana, flaxseeds and cinnamon helps in keeping hormones under control.
  6. Up the consumption of lean meat over red meat. Red meat will increase cholesterol levels and weight.
  7. Include soy products in your diet.
  8. Lastly it is very crucial to do mild exercises like brisk walking, jogging, swimming and cycling for 30 minutes or so. It is very important to add this to your daily routine. Various yoga positions and meditations have been quite effective in dealing with PCOS. It is important decrease the effects of PCOS on your body by maintaining a healthy weight, limit carbohydrates and be active by doing exercises.

We can however choose our own diet plan from the below mentioned groups

Cereals: Barley, oats, bran flakes, whole wheat porridge, brown rice, multigrain bread
Pulses: Moong dal, green moong, beans, whole pulses
Dairy products: Skimmed or toned milk, soy milk, tofu, paneer, yogurt
Fruits: Oranges, berries, watermelons, plumps, peaches, papaya, pears, apples
Nuts: Walnut, almonds, flax seeds
Vegetables: Carrots, peas, broccoli, lettuce, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, onions, cauliflower, celery, spinach

Our diet plan and lifestyle are very crucial in overcoming PCOD to a great extent. However severe cases can only be cured with pills and proper medication. It is essential we keep our health right by eating proper food at right time.

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