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Benefits Of Smiling

Effects Of Smiling

A human being has various emotions like sadness, happiness, confusion to name a few. The way they express each emotions are different like sadness is accompanied by tears and a red face and nose. Happiness is shown by just a smile or a hearty laugh or sometimes both. However there are many emotions to a person, sadness and happiness stands out and often used more in our daily lives. A baby’s smile to the mother is the most beautiful feeling where the newborn wants to show his happiness. A partner’s smile shows his love towards his spouse. Hence smile is an expression of happiness, acceptance, love, kindness and hope.

Smile: Effect On Our Body

An arc formed by the lips upwards denotes various feelings like happiness, hope or positivity. Mostly smile is associated with positive emotions. Smile is very powerful and has self-healing powers in our lives. It helps in reducing blood pressure, improves immune system, and reduces pain and stress.

Smile: Effect On The Ones Around

Smile has a positive effect not only on oneself but also on the people around. We are often surrounded by different people like narcissist, lazy, energy drainers and many more. A smiling person will have positive influence on these people which helps them in removing their negative emotions. We tend to get drained when we are surrounded by negative energies and emotions, a positive energy in form of a simple gesture like smile make the environment more joyful. A smiling person is always approachable and generally a crowd puller. These people are accepted by everyone which helps in morale boost on oneself and the people around.

Smile: The Biological Effect

Smiling activates neuropeptide (protein-like molecules used by neurons to communicate) fight stress make you happy by sending the message to your body. Neurotransmitters associated with happiness like dopamine, endorphins and serotonins are generated when we smile which make you not only happy but helps in reducing stress and blood pressure.

Smile: Effect In Our Lifestyle

Smiling is very crucial in our lives to generate positivity. A positive person is more rational that helps them in facing challenges and situations in a better way. Negative people are more judgemental and find faults in others. It is important that we surround ourselves with positive and smiling faces around so that they have a positive outlook in our life. Imagine yourself in a group of gloomy people who share their sad and devastating story, these negative energies will may way into you thereby making you into a gloomy person. A dark room needs a ray or a candle light to get lit so is our lives as well.

Read wellness books that makes you smile. Talk to people who’ll make you cheerful. Do things that make you happy like dance, sing or any hobby of your choice. Make the place a better world to live in with happy faces around. Smile is a universal language of kindness and a free therapy to heal oneself to a better person.

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