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Fashion Trend for Rainy Season

Fashion for Rainy Season

Monsoons, the much awaited weather after scorching heat brings lot of solace and happiness amongst all. However this season comes with its own set of challenges when it comes to our wardrobe. The rains might mess up our clothes and shoes hence making it damp; here are few tips of going fashionable during monsoons.

Capris and Shorts: You can shuffle your wardrobe and pile capris, shorts and mid length skirts on the top. Put all your fancy anarkalis, tight dresses at the bottom. Go for loose fitting tops paired with shorts or capris which will be simply appropriate for rains. Prints and vibrant colours will add some brightness during rains.

Light Clothing: You should go for light fabrics like cotton and team it up with stylish umbrella or raincoat. Avoid wearing clothes that will be difficult to get dried due to heavy downpours outside.

Cosmetics: Go for water proof lipsticks and mascara for monsoons as they will not smudge on your face. Keep minimal with light eye shades and very little face powder if really required. Keep nourishing your skin and let it just breathe; a no make-up look is also just fine. Wear light coloured lip balms this monsoon so that your lips don’t dry up and stay moist throughout the day.

Avoid Cloth Bags: Do not carry any fabric bags that will get soggy, opt for nylon bags as water will not seep through these bags and wet your belongings inside.

Carry your raincoats and umbrella: Do not forget to carry your umbrella and raincoats because you never know when the downpour will start. A variety of umbrellas (like two folds, three folds) and raincoats with multiple colours are available. You can team it with your clothings and play with colours.

Footwear: Avoid leather as as much as possible. You can go for flip flops sandals or rubber slippers or boots as they save you from unpredictable puddles and damp roads. You can even pt for PVC sandals or boots that matches your outfit.

Nail Polish: This rainy season you can wear light coloured nail paint like light pink or any shades of grey and this will be appropriate fashion statement. We can team two colour, red light shades as well to look vibrant for rainy season.

Match the right sock for the season: If you are wearing closed footwear in the monsoon, ensure you wear waterproof sock which will keep your feet dry and safe from bacterial infection.

So this rainy season stay stylish with the right attire and minimal or no makeup at all.

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