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WhatsApp Payments Rolling Out in India

How to get WhatsApp Payments in India

WhatsApp Payments is now rolling out in India for selected beta users. WhatsApp Payments is yet another digital payment option like Google Tez. The new WhatsApp payments  is based on UPI and the money will go straight to your bank account.

How to get WhatsApp Payments now ?

WhatsApp payments feature is rolling out to select users in India right now. First, make sure you are running the latest version of the app . Open any WhatsApp chat and see if you see the new Payments sub-head under Settings. If you do, great, you now have access to WhatsApp’s UPI-based payments feature. If not, you have no other option but to wait.

How to add bank accounts for WhatsApp Payments

  • Open Whatsapp and Go to Settings -> Payments.
  • In the Bank Accounts sub-head, select the Add New Account option.
  • Tap Accept and Continue if you agree with the terms.
  • Tap the Verify via SMS and follow the prompts to send an SMS to start the linking process.
  • On the next screen, select the bank whose account you want to add.
  • If you have an account (or multiple accounts) linked with the number that you just sent the SMS from, you will be presented with your account (or accounts) from that bank.
  • If everything goes smoothly, you will see the UPI Setup Complete screen.
    You can repeat these steps to add multiple bank accounts to WhatsApp. If you have multiple accounts added, you can designate one of them as the primary account (by default the account you added first).

How to send money via WhatsApp Payments

You must remember that the WhatsApp payment feature works only if the recipient has setup their bank account within WhatsApp – send this guide to your friends and family to help them get started! You can also send money to individual group members in a group chat, provided they have enabled the Payment option. Moreover, you cannot pay money to verified business accounts because the service is only peer-to-peer (i.e. person to person).
Here’s how to send your first (and subsequent) payments via WhatsApp:

  • Open the chat of the WhatsApp contact to whom you want to send money.
  • On Android, tap the Attach button. If you are on iPhone, select the Plus button.
  • To send money, just tap on Payment, and enter the amount you want to send. You can also add a note to the message if you want.
    To authorise the payment, just enter the UPI PIN of the bank account from which you are trying to send money.
    Once the money is sent, the amount (and the text note, if any) will show as a message as part of the conversation.

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