Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

Samsung Galaxy Buds

The buds are attracting lot of attention because of its kidney bean shape. Samsung Galaxy phone holders will get the maximum out of this in terms of audio and connection strength

The body is made of plastic, which many migt feel cheap but the fact remains it is lightweight and affordable at the same time. There aren’t any tangible buttons neither on the case nor on the bud. The exterior of the case is decorated with a single LED and has a USB-C input on the backside. The case is inspired by the jewellery box design that can be opened with one or both hands. The available colours are Mystic white, mystic bronze and mystic black. These ear buds stay in your ears and has a good fit.

The upper part of the ear bud works as a touch panel for adjusting volume, control playback, noise cancelling. When you remove the ear bud from your ears the songs stops playing. Once re-inserted into the ears the music doesn’t resume and has to be tapped to continue the music. Samsung Galaxy wearable app is available on Play store to download software updates. Both iOS and Android users have access to firmware updates; some features are only available in Android like spotify access. Samsung devices support direct voice access to Bixby with the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live.

The Samsung Galaxy bud works well for noise cancellations, however it depends how well it fits into your ears. The software too has to work much more to reduce the background noise, but the success of ear buds depends on complete isolation to get positive result. The sounds can be heard when ANC (active noise cancellation) is disabled. Still some sounds make way when ANC is enabled. This might on be advantageous for people walking on busy streets but will not perform well on air flight.

Connecting the Samsung Galaxy Buds to an Android device is easy, as long as it is android 5. Open the case and enable Bluetooth on the android phone, a pop up appears and once you tap connect the devices will establish the connection. The Bud doesn’t support multiple Bluetooth so the connection can be established one at a time.

The battery life of Galaxy Bud is good. The Bud lasts for 5 hours 15 minutes with ANC on. Quick charging of ear bud takes five minutes and yield one hour of playtime. Listeners will get different playtime depending on        how often they enable noise cancelling. If ANC is disabled, you can enjoy 8 hours of constant play with the case providing additional upto 29 hours of listening. By enabling noise cancelling the case provides a total upto 21 hours of listening. 

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