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Benefits Of Jogging

What are the Benefits Of Jogging

Jogging is defined as running at a low speed, and has some significant benefits to our health. People opt for jogging primarily to improve one’s health and stamina. Everyday few hours of running has positive impact on one’s life, provided we do it consistently. A common observation is seen that people who are obese choose jogging to reduce excess weight but in general anyone who jogs can see their health improve.

There are various advantages of jogging.

It can help you to come out regular workout regime: Jogging helps you to come out of regular exercise in gym thereby reducing the risk of injury on oneself. However it is important to take doctor’s consultation before going for jogging.

It helps in improving immune system: Studies in the past have proved that rigorous workout and running leads to more injuries than having positive impact. Hence it is important that we go for moderate exercise like jogging or slow walking to improve immune system so that we can fight against long term illness like diabetes or any respiratory illness.

It helps in reducing excess weight: Any moderate exercises helps in reducing weight and improve cardiovascular health.

It has positive impact on insulin resistance: Regular running and jogging helps in reducing insulin resistance. Insulin is the hormone that keeps blood sugar levels in check. Insulin resistance is one of the pointers for pre diabetes. A decrease in body fat and inflammation helps in improving insulin resistance.

It can help from the negative impacts of stress: Studies have proved that someone who jogs regularly will be lesser stressed compared to the ones who don’t. People who work out moderately have performed better with minimal errors and could navigate through stressful situation easily.

It can help to cope with depression: Exercising moderately helps in reducing cortisol levels in our body. Cortisol is a hormone that is released with response to stress. Even doctors suggest mild exercises for a healthy mind for the people who are going through depression and stress.

It helps in keeping the spine flexible: Our backbone, small and flexible disc like act as protective pads. These disc contain fluid that wears and shrinks as we grow older. Sitting for longer hours adds pressure to the disc. Jogging or running makes the disc flexible. The healthier and hydrated these disc are more the flexible our backbone will be with age.

There is no specific time to jog. People generally jog during the day before their hectic schedules begin. It is important that we jog with ease so wearing the right shoes is a must. Running with a right posture i.e. without putting your head down or with bent shoulders makes running injury free.

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