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How to apply Kerala government applications online from home without going to Akshaya centers

Submit Kerala Gov. applications from home

Why you are always going to akshaya for online application submission? Is it need to wait for long time in front of akshya centers. Akshya centers is actually only for those who are computer illiterate. All citizen can  get almost all government online services through different online portals.

Those who have basic knowledge in computer can apply online services through computers/laptops or mobiles. Only you need computer, Scanner And internet connection. If you dont have a scanner dont worry, you can use mobile applications like CS scanner or Google Drive.

Where do you get government web-portal address for various uses ?

Kerala Government official web portal is . You will get link to other service portals from this website. If you don’t found the link just Google it.

For example: you want to apply for encumbrance certificate. Open in any browser and search for “encumbrance certificate” you will get link for it.

Important Government Website Links

  1. For Passport Application:
  2. For PAN Card:
  3. Marriage/Birth/Death Certificate:
  4. Building Tax:
  5. Land Tax :
  6. Electricit Bill:
  7. BSNL Phone Bill:
  8. For Certificates from Village:
  9. Payment of Chellan :
  10. Kerala Forest Timber E-Auction:
  11. Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal:
  12. Online Voter Registration/Updation:
  13. Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund:
  14. Employment Exchange Renewel:

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