Nostalgia: Premier Padmini

Premier Padmini

Premier Automobiles Limited known as PAL, under license from Fiat marketed Fiat 1100 initially in 1964, and from 1967 manufactured Padmini till 2000. Padmini is an indigenized version of Fiat 1100. This car was launched in an Era which was ruled by Ambassador produced by Hindustan Motors. Initially it was known as Fiat and later the popular Premier Padmini. Padmini was manufactured at Kurla at the suburbs of Mumbai. People loved Padmini and named it as Pad.

Padmini had a carbureted 1089cc four cylinder engine, which produced 40bhp at 4800rpm with a torque of 71Nm at 3000rpm. Padmini had a 4 speed manual transmission which was steering column mounted and had a rear wheel drive. Padmini was only available in petrol engines until 1996, when they introduced a diesel variant. After the entry of more competitors to the Indian market with more advanced and fuel efficient models in the late 1990s, market of Premier Padmini got decreased. To survive in this competition Premier Padmini was introduced with floor shift gearbox, bucket seats and more powerful fuel efficient engines.

Premier Padmini was a great success, which is still a living memory in the heart of Mumbai as Taxi’s. Padmini not only ruled the Indian hearts as taxi’s but also many great peoples. There are many people who try to restore their Pad to this modern era. Many Pad clubs are also present in our country for enthusiasts. Production of Premier Padmini ended in November 2000, with the Padmini 137D as their last model.

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